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VISA-LETTERS – Terms & Conditions:

In case the consulate of the country where we are holding an event requests you to obtain a Letter from the Conference Organizer to present to the consulate to obtain a VISA or a permission to enter the country where we are holding the event, you must follow the following procedure (no exceptions unless someone from your organization has come to ne of our conferences before):

  • Company Letter: We require a letter in the company’s letterhead assuring that you will be travelling to attend the conference. It must state your full name, title (position in the company), place & date of birth, passport number, country issuing passport, consulate where the visa will be requested. The company’s letter must include company’s name, full address, phone, email, website and must be written by a different person than yourself that we can contact if needed.(Note: If you are an independent professional a similar letter is needed anyway). Please let us know if the consulate needs specific language.
  • Passport Scan: We require a copy (a scan) of the passport page where the picture & information is located in order to give the consulate the appropriate information.
  • Registration: Go to the registration area (from Conference main page) and go through the registration procedure. At the end choose Wire Transfer as your form of payment and finalize.
  • Payment: As soon as we have your Company Letter, Passport Scan and your Registration we will send you the Bank Transfer Information so you can proceed to send the Wire Transfer.
  • Liability: The provision of a letter stating that you are registered to one of our events does not make IMTC liable for any financial or legal responsibilities of any kind. The letter just states the fact that you have registered to the event in question.
  • NOTE: We won’t issue a Visa Letter to attendees that are coming for only a conference course. Participation to a one day low cost course is regarded as suspicious and the possibilities of Visa being granted is almost null.

Next Steps:

  • As soon as we receive the Bank Transfer we will send you the Visa Letter for you to go to the consulate to get your VISA.
  • Full Credit: If Visa is granted late or if it denied at first, we will grant full credit for a following conference. We cannot  help you if the Consulate denies your visa. We do accept substitutions if someone else comes instead of you..
  • Refunds: If the registrant has been denied a Visa and wants to request a refund, please send us a letter in the in the company’s letterhead requesting the refund. We will refund the full amount minus any bank charges and US $150 dollars as a handling fee.

Disclaimer: Since every foreign consulate has different rules & regulations regarding the VISA process and the requisites change frequently IMTC doesn’t have that information nor we advise on VISA processing because we can’t be liable for providing wrong information. IMTC encourages every person wishing to travel to a country where we host an event, to inquire locally at the consulate of the country to make sure a visa is needed or not and what requisites are necessary to obtain such visa or be granted permission to enter the country where the event is being held.

Please move quickly in order for you to obtain your visa. See Terms & Conditions for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″][vc_column animation=””]

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