Our vision

IMTC is basically a forum of the Money Transfer, Remittances & Cross-Border Payments Industry, a forum of people involved in providing x-border financial services, such as Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), Foreign Exchange firms, Banks, Payment Processors and Mobile Operators involved in financial services (MMOs), as well as a large array of institutions, brick-and-mortar or digital first, for-profit and non-profit, that provide services along migration corridors, to people or companies, personal or commercial, formal or informal. Some might be designated as remittances, payments, international compensation of employees, etc.. Globally, the Money Transfer Industry is very large and diverse but very scattered across all countries with partnerships interconnecting the networks, some very mature and regulated (and even over-regulated) to some that are emerging and maybe underegulated, full of innovative solution builders and leading-edge entrepreneurs. Invigorated by technology developments, new services are emerging and the RemTECH Awards have been launched in 2017 to boost innovations in the remittance space!

To this industry, IMTC brings the researchers, the consultants, the politicians, the regulators, the activists, but also the providers of services or products that intersect with the industry’s core services. Some might be providing financial services to the same users as well as foreign exchange, communications, travel, packaging services, etc. The technology providers, the auditors, the legal & regulatory advisory services, the compliance professionals are also welcome to share their expertise and contribute to strengthen this community.

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Our Conferences & Events

The IMTC Conferences were developed by Mohr World Consulting, a dedicated & professional team with experience in the international money transfer & payments industry as well as in the events industry. IMTC partners with many companies & individuals and a wide range of associations and organizations, multilateral as well as government institutions, from around the globe to make the events the biggest gatherings of the industry. IMTC WORLD in November in Miami Beach is the largest gathering of the industry in the world with +500 attendees from 350+ companies coming from 50+ countries. Our regional conferences are IMTC USA (6 editions), IMTC BRASIL (4 editions), IMTC EMEA (4 editions), IMTC LATAM (Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala), IMTC ASIA (2 edition) & AFRICA (1 edition). We have great plans for 2018, 2019 and beyond. All our past conference books are here. For the Brazil conference we partner with ABRACAM, Associação Brasileira de Corretoras de Câmbio and for IMTC USA with the MSBA, Money Service Business Association. We have developed The RemTECH Awards!

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Mohr World Consulting

MWC was created in 2001 to provide a basis for the consultancy work being given by Hugo Cuevas-Mohr to money transfer companies in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. Mohr World Consulting advises money transfer entrepreneurs, companies, corporations, financial institutions, multilateral and government agencies on remittances & money transfers from a business and marketing development standpoint. We have offices in Mexico D.F., Montevideo and partnerships in Europe & Asia.
As an IMTC attendee, speaker, sponsor, MWC will provide you with any contacts in the industry that you might need! MWC has consulted for a number of companies and institutions. You can check the company’s website for information. Besides developing the IMTC Conferences, Hugo Cuevas-Mohr and his consulting partners and colleagues Salvador Velazquez, Daniel Trías, Connie Fenchel, Andrew Ittleman can be invited as speakers to conferences and seminars, public or private, regarding a wide array of financial services subjects as well as developing training programs for institutions in the industry.

The Spark Group

The Spark Group is a full-service digital marketing & social media agency committed to the development and maintenance of online relationships. As an IMTC partner, TSG has created and managed IMTC’s online personality, striving to bring us closer to our money transfer community by embracing the technologies that have redefined the way that the world communicates. TSG manages out online media campaigns and advises IMTC in the day-to-day development of our online presence. Let TSG do the same for your company, your brand, your service.